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Emily Pollock is a staff writer at engineering.com covering BIM.

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Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First NASA Mission with 3D-Printed Rocket
Rocket Lab's innovative 3D-printed rockets have been taking over the skies in 2018. Now, they're run...
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Robot “Swarm” 3D-Prints Concrete Structure
For the first time, researchers have 3D-printed a structure using two mobile printers at the same ti...
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Dog Receives 3D Printed Skull Implant in Pioneering Surgery
Patches the dachshund was the recipient of a titanium skull implant that might one day change how we...
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See3D Helps the Visually Impaired “See” Through 3D-Printed Models
While still in high school, Caroline Karbowski developed a project that paired 3D printing enthusias...
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The Tale Behind the Tail: How 3D Scanning Helped Mr. Stubbs
Mr. Stubbs’ new prosthetic tail is a victory for 3D printing, but it’s also an unsung victory for 3D...
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“Biohackers” Design DIY 3D-Printed Chemical Reactor to Make Medicine at Home
The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective has developed a chemical reactor that people can make at home us...
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Prototype 3D Printed Implant Might Help Restore Some Spinal Function
For the first time ever, researchers at the University of Minnesota have been able to 3D print an im...
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3D Printed Placenta Poised to Help Explain Organ Development
Researchers have just 3D bioprinted the first placenta organoid, a simplified 3D model of an organ.
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