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Ian Wright
Ian Wright is a philosopher-turned-writer, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philosophy from McMaster University. He spent six years working on his doctoral dissertation on mindreading (seriously) at York University before withdrawing in good standing in 2015 to pursue a new career in the private sector. Ian is currently Managing Editor at engineering.com

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5 Key Advances for Metal Additive Manufacturing
How metal 3D printing is leaping the “valley of death” between research and production.
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NASA Satellite Will Carry Unique 3D-Printed Component
ICESat-2 employs part made from novel 3D printing material.
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3D Printing Hardware and Software from Stratasys at SOLIDWORKS World 2016
Creative Colors software and Objet Connex3 series offer improvements to color 3D printing.
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A New Method for 3D Printing Composite Materials
Engineers use ultrasonic waves to create complex microstructures in 3D-printed objects.
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5 Predictions for Metal 3D Printing in 2016
Expect significant growth in metal additive manufacturing this year.
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3D-Printed Ceramics Withstand Ultrahigh Temperatures
Preceramic resin is printed then fired to create silicon oxycarbide ceramic.
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Manufacturing Wearable Computers with 3D-Printed Textiles
3D-printed textile production line is capable of producing 3 million items annually.
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Printable Concrete: Coming Soon to a Construction Site Near You
CyBe Construction seeks EU certification.
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Making High Quality Movie Props Quickly
Digital manufacturing service combines 3D scanning, modeling and printing for fast turnaround.
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3D Printing Sensors onto Aerospace Components
Sensors printed directly onto compressor and turbine blades could reduce aircraft maintenance.
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IT’S ALIVE!? 3D Printing of Micro-Organs
3D printed structure shows promise for developing self-organizing tissues.
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