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Infographic - 3D Printing And Related Industries

Tuan TranPham's infographic presents a clear, concise snapshot of the players in the 3D printin... More >>
Don’t Want To Build A Sandcastle? Print It

3D printing has been used in practically every industry that you can think of. It can be used to bui... More >>
Electronics Incorporated Into 3D Printing

A company called Optomec in New Mexico claims to have developed additive technologies where electron... More >>
NASA Turns to Additive Manufacturing for Exploration

NASA hopes to achieve manned exploration of Mars. In order to do so, a special vehicle (or rover) mu... More >>
3D Printing: A Life Changing Technology

For Emma Lavelle, 3D printing has significantly changed her life. Emma is a young girl that was born... More >>
3D Printed Drugs – Anywhere

Lee Cronin, a professor at Glasgow University, is working with a team of researchers to making compl... More >>
Boat Built With 3D Printer

The Washington Open Object Fabricators (WOOF group) has recently created a boat with 3D printing. Th... More >>
Viztu Technologies Merges With 3D Systems

3D Systems has acquired Viztu Technologies. Viztu is the company that developed Hypr3D, an online ap... More >>
Limitless Architecture With 3D Printing?

"This (printing) process is capable of producing building components with a degree of customization ... More >>
3D Printing Offered Campus Wide To All Students

At the University of Nevada, 3D printing and scanning are now offered to all students. The DeLaMare ... More >>
3D Systems Helps Fight Pediatric Dental Disease

3D Systems has announced that it has teamed up with the National Children’s Oral Health F... More >>
Sprint Spikes Innovated For 2012 Games?

This article is in response to a previous post I wrote titled "Run Like The Wind - A New Take On Sho... More >>
The Legality Of 3D Printing

All this talk about 3D printing is fascinating and great for the additive manufacturing industry in ... More >>
Run Like The Wind – A New Take On Shoes

An engineering and designer student from the Royal College of Art (London) has designed and created ... More >>
A New Breed Of Unfair Advantage In Sports – ‘Technology Doping’

The 3D printing (additive manufacturing) industry hashad a lot of publicity recently. All of the 3D ... More >>
Is 3D Printing The New Tool For Palaeontology?

Drexel University (New Jersey) has its engineering and palaeontology departments working together to... More >>
Controlling Microorganisms to Fabricate Products

Designers and scientists in California are exploring the idea of using microorganisms to create cons... More >>
Hydrogel Exhibits Good Conductance, Developed With Tissue Characteristics

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a hydrogel that is a conductor of electricity and ... More >>
Living Tissue Created With 3D Printer’s Help

Bioengineers working with University of Pennsylvania have found a way to create and sustain living t... More >>

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