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Smithsonian Will Use 3D Printing to Open Their Collection

Daniel Terdiman at CNET has written an article about the Smithsonian Museum’s new partnership ... More >>
3D Printed Robotic Fan

The Need for Intelligent Personalized Comfort Control By Andrew Payne Modern architects and en... More >>
Lunar 3D Printing

NASA's goal is to develop revolutionary technologies to assist in space exploration, and they often ... More >>
3D Modeling with the FireFly Connect

While I’m most comfortable designing within a parametric frame, I’m intrigued by Romain ... More >>
Knocking off a few Gas Stations…

I’m guilty of conceiving elaborate plans and trying to make them perfect from the start. Seein... More >>
Paleobiologist Reaping the Benefits of AM

In two interesting articles, one from Red Orbit and another from SciAm’s Symbiartic blog, we g... More >>
A New Program Creates Stronger Prototypes

Most of us have come across this problem before: We create a model and send it out for a print, and ... More >>
Opinion Makers Predict AM's Future

As part of its 20-year celebrations, TCT magazine asked the Top 5 Most Influential in AM and 3D prin... More >>
Calculating the Value of 3D Printed Model in Architecture

By Piet Meijs, Senior 3D Expert, Rietveld Architects, New York. In May of this year, I joined a f... More >>
3D Printing — Barriers to Adoption (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay with this latest installment in the series of posts on barriers to adoption. A t... More >>
Printing Vascular Structures

While rapid prototyping of mechanical parts is still the mainstay of 3D printing, recent adoption of... More >>
Is ABS Killing You?

There are two plastics most commonly used in home 3D plastic extrusion printers: ABS and PLA. When y... More >>
Sigma Labs, Inc. Announces PrintRite3D System

Sigma Labs, Inc. announced that it will release, later this month, the first module of PrintRite3D, ... More >>
AeroSud Building the Largest and Fastest 3D Printer

­­­­­­­­­Nicky Smith of Business Day has written an interesting article about a South African compan... More >>
The World’s First 3D Printed Race Car
The World’s First 3D Printed Race Car
More >>
Photografting Grows from Vienna

Fluorescent molecules are attached to the hydrogel, resulting in a microscopic 3D pattern. Two re... More >>
NASA to Build Space Craft Using A 3D Printer?

In recent years, we have seen an explosion in businesses looking to propel people into space. Althou... More >>
Solidscape Launches 3D Printing System for Custom Retail Jewelers

Solidscape, Inc. announced the launch of the 3ZSTUDIO 3D printer. Designed specifically for the need... More >>
It’s Not Luck

In a few days, I will be delivering the opening keynote address at TCT Live 2012, which runs from Se... More >>
ExOne Introduces M-FLEX 3D Printer

The Ex One Company (ExOne) introduced its newest 3D printer, M-FLEX, which will print parts in metal... More >>

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