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Amazon’s 3D Nuclear Option Launches
Now that Amazon's opened their own 3D printing service has AM set both feet firmly in the mainstream...
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How Do You Drive a Human Powered Sub? With a 3D Printed Propellor
So, how do you drive a human powered sub? A few Michigan students learn you can do it with a 3D Prin...
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3D-Printed Metals May Transform Army Logistics
While printed guns have been a taboo in the civilian sphere, the US Army is looking into AM to advan...
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3D Systems to Acquire Simbionix - Global Leader in VR Surgery Training & Simulation
3D Systems to Acquire Simbionix, the Global Leader in 3D Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation and Tra...
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NAU- Austin To Offer Graduate Courses in 3D Printing

The Roueche Graduate Center at National American University in Austin, Texas has launched 3D printin... More >>
MadeSolid Announces New, Tough SLA/DLP Resin
MadeSolid announces the development of a new, tough resin bringing functional prototyping to consume...
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Researcher Gain Insight into 18th Century Instruments with 3D Printing
Researchers at the University of Connecticut are using 3D printing to breath life into antique music...
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Making, 3D Printing a Part of Egypt's Change
One MIT PhD helps Learning & Making make a difference in post revolution Egypt. 
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3-D Printed Tissues Advance Stem Cell Research
Research into bio-printing lead one professor to a prestigious early-career research award. Will bio...
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Using 3D-Bioprinting for Artificial Bones
Research team demonstrates technique that could replace conventional bone grafts in the operating ro...
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Engineering Helps Museum Visitors Stay 'in touch' With the Past
With the help of 3D printing Lancaster University engineers are giving museum visitors a hands on ex...
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i.Materialise Explains Silver 3D Printing
Have you ever wondered how 3D printing of silver or other precious metals is done? i.Materialise exp...
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US Army Investigating 3D Printers for Food Production

Army researchers are investigating ways to incorporate 3-D printing technology into producing food f... More >>
Zecotek & LT-PYRKAL Announce High-Performance 3D Printer
Zecotek announces it is developing a high-speed, compact metal AM system capable of processing a var...
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Novel, Matrix-Free Bioprinting Method to be Presented at Bioprinting Congress in Singapore
A matrix-free bioprinting method takes center stage at the International Bioprinting Congress in Sin...
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Shapeways & Hasbro Team Up to Empower Kids To Make Their Own Toys

Hasbro, Inc. and Shapeways  have announced the launch of SuperFanArt, a website that enabl... More >>
MTI Forges A New Path in English Racing With Metal 3DP

Albany, Oregon has been a hotbed of metallurgical distinction since 1943 when President Franklin D. ... More >>
3D Printer Manufacturer Tinkerine Studios: High Return Potential With Mitigated Risk

Investors in 3D printing stocks have been on a wild ride over the last year. Finding companies with ... More >>
MatterFab Introduces Cheaper Metal Printer
MatterFab introduces a metal printer that's "an order of magnitude" cheaper than competitors. Will m...
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Joint Replacements Get a Boost with AM
Researchers at Mt. Sanai's Center for Regenerative Medicine are using 3D printing to produce joint r...
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