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NASA Sponsors Research into 3D-Printed Biomaterials
Biomaterials could be a reality sooner than expected thanks to NASA sponsored research.
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3D Printing Leaders to speak at TCT Show Keynote Sessions
3D printing's most powerful global executives will deliver their personal insights during exclusive ...
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Freeform 3D Printing with an Undo Ability
A new concept brings freeform design to 3D printing
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Study: Only 6% of Britons Want a 3D Printer
New study shows that few know much about the technology
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Arcam AB Nears Completion of Fast EBM 3D Printing Research
Swedish 3D printing company Arcam AB involved in EU funded research project to speed 3D printing tim...
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MIT Researchers Streamline Multi-Material Printing
New software makes printing multi material objects much faster and easier
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What Does A Big Company Do With 3D Printing?

We're reading a very interesting interview by Joris Peels, who spoke to Prabhjot Sing, General Elect... More >>
Microsoft to ID tag 3D Printed Objects
Do customized 3D printed objects need individual ID tags?
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Could 3D Printing Be Dangerous?
Study suggests 3D printing could be hazardous to your health.
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Arcam AB: Small 3D Printing Company with Big Growth Projections
Swedish 3D Printing company Arcam AB has operations in Europe, the US, and China and operates exclus...
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I-AM 3D introduces Hybrid 3D Printers
This 3D printer works like an inkjet, but prints precious metal.
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3D Printing Will Be Adopted by K-12 in 5 Years
New report concludes 3D printing will be rapidly adopted in K-12 education.
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17 Year Old Inventor Prints a Robotic Prosthetic
Easton LaChappelle shows off a fully articulated arm
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Google Glass: Modded By 3D Printing

A new Kickstarter project uses 3D printing to produce "cap" for your Google Glass. GlassKap, a proje... More >>
3D Printers too Pricey? Build a LEGO one.
Tutorial shows how to build a 3D printer with LEGO blocks
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3D Systems Buys Metal Printer
3D Systems acquires metal printing specialist Phenix
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Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing
Lisa Harouni describes 3D printing and its future.
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3D Printed Rocket Blasts Off
Could 3D printing reduce the cost of space flight? NASA thinks so.
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Deloitte and 3D Systems Launch 3D Printing “Solution Labs”
Industry giants team up to spur technology adoption. 
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