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SpaceX SuperDraco Thruster Features A 3D Printed Engine Chamber

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) announced today that it has completed qualification te... More >>
Stratasys Dimension 1200es ABS Prototype 3D Printer
Stratasys’ entry level printer is designed for professionals and educators.
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3D Printing and How It’s Shaping Business

This infographic details the ins and outs of 3D printing and its effect on the business world. Due ... More >>
Walmart CEO Says Retail Giant May Buy 3D Printer Company
Walmart CEO Says Retail Giant May Buy 3D Printer Company
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Army, NASA, University Collaboration Promotes AM

Additive manufacturing is changing the way organizations design and manufacture products around the ... More >>
Has MakerBot Crossed The Line? For Some, Yes

Controversy this week regarding MakerBot’s aggressive patent filings. Why the controversy? Bec... More >>
BetAbram To Release House Printing Machine
Three home-printing machines are set to hit the market this summer, but what are the limitations of ...
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Justification Strategies for 3D Printing
Additive Manufacturing has the ability to be a game changer in product development, but how do you j...
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3D Systems Victorious in Antitrust Case
3D Systems prevailed in an antitrust case concerned with its resins, but will this ruling make the m...
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Legendary Ferrari Refurbished Using 3D Printing
Ferrari’s legendary 312P gets a quick engine rebuild thanks to 3D printing and digital manufac...
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Are Google or Apple Developing a 3D Printer?

Rumors echo through the interwebs suggesting that Google AND Apple are developing 3D printers. But a... More >>
Lockheed Looks to Speed Up Satellite Development with AM
Lockheed Martin leans on AM to deliver products even in the face of declining defense budgets. ...
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Lunar Bases Could be Constructed using Additive Manufacturing
Lunar manufacturing facility would use local materials
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ExOne M-Flex Production Metal 3D Printer

Professional 3D printer for metals and for sand casting medium sized parts Designed primarily as... More >>
Windform Used to Build Generative Orthotics
3D printing and high quality materials come together to make custom orthotics that look incredible. ...
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UConn Students Print Functional Kidney Prototype
Six UConn students develop, prototype and 3D print artificial kidneys in an exploration of how AM ca...
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Autodesk Unveils Plans for 3D Printer
Autodesk moves into the 3D printing space announcing an open-source SLA printer and platform combo.
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3D Printing Jobs Launches

We’re checking out a brand new service that launches today: 3D Printing Jobs.  It’... More >>
MakerBot Files MultiHead Printer Patent
Could prosumers soon have the ability to print in multiple materials? MakerBot’s new patent mi...
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3D Printing Used to Decommission Nuclear Plants
An ever-expanding AM technology proves useful in a nuclear decommissioning effort.
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