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Report Adds 3D Printing to 12 Disruptive Techs for 2025

In a forward-looking report, global research firm McKinsey has identified 3D printing as a 1 of 12 d... More >>
GE Aviation Looking to Speed Up 3D Print Times

GE Aviation and Sigma Labs have joined together to create and implement “In-Process Inspection... More >>
Made In Space To Really Go To Space

They made the 3D printer; now they send it into space. Made In Space, the startup that  has des... More >>
Jeff Bezos on 3D Printing

Last Thursday, Amazon investors met at the Seattle Center to review the company’s future busin... More >>
You “Can Still "CAN-SLIM" for High Growth with 3D Systems Corporation
Why 3D Systems (DDD) is still a Strong Buy
More >>
X-Box One Prototyped with 3D Printer

At its Redmond, Washington, headquarters, Microsoft unveiled its next generation video game console ... More >>
3D Systems to Acquire Arcam?

Last week 3D Systems did something unusual: they sold off 7,500,000 shares of their stock at a price... More >>
NASA Funds Food 3D Printer - Could it Catch on Here on Earth?

In a forward-looking venture, NASA has given a six month, $125,000 grant to Systems and Materials Re... More >>
Emerging Objects 3D Prints Architectural Materials

Oakland-based Emerging Objects isn’t your normal design firm. Rather than designing homes, int... More >>
A Boy and His 3D Printer

A new short documentary by Nathan Fitch tells the story of Andrew Man-Hudspith, an 11 year old with ... More >>
Autodesk to Acquire Tinkercad

In an announcement made over the weekend, Autodesk revealed that it will acquire the browser-based d... More >>
3D Printed, Transplantable Skin in 5 Years?

For burn victims and those suffering diseases that require extensive skin grafts, treatment can mean... More >>
Generative Art and 3D Printing

Generative Design is one of the most fascinating practices being explored by Makers today. Architect... More >>
More 3D Printing Investment Possibilities

When you're interested in investing in 3D printing, there doesn't seem to be a lot of options at fir... More >>
U.S. Losing its Edge in Additive Manufacturing?

For the last few decades, American companies have dominated and advanced the field of additive manuf... More >>
E-Waste 3D Printer to Mars?

In an ambitious plan, a Togolese designer who created a 3D printer from e-waste dreams that one day ... More >>
Harvard Robots are 3D Printed, Self-Assembling

Recently at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Germany, Harvard and MIT... More >>
RoboKeg is a 3D-Printed Bar Keep
RoboKeg is a 3D-Printed Bar Keep
More >>
3D Printing to Showcase at Leading International Art Fair

From May 10th through the 13th, COLLECT, a leading international fair for contemporary art, will be ... More >>
GE's Making 3D Printed Jets

The prestigious MIT Technology Review has named General Electric's work on 3D printing as one of its... More >>

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