Entries for April 2019

Henkel’s Adhesives And Additive Manufacturing Recycling Focus
Henkel is now offering recycling options for its Loctite brands in additive manufacturing.
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What They Don’t Tell You About 3D Printing PLA
The most popular 3D printing biopolymer may not be as eco-friendly as promised.
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Implications Of The Prusa SL1 Resin 3D Printer
We’re nearing the release of Prusa’s first resin 3D printer, and it’s time to think about what this ...
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COBOD Begins Distributing BOD2 Construction 3D Printing
Engineering.com speaks to the Danish construction 3D printing company about its second-generation co...
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Formlabs Releases Two 3D Printers, Large and Small
Formlabs’ latest 3D printers feature new light processing engines for higher detailed parts.
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Stratasys Does Industrial Desktop and SLA 3D Printing
Stratasys has released a new desktop FDM 3D printer and its first ever SLA 3D printer.
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