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3D Printing Market to Quadruple by 2025
Lux Research suggests that the 3D printing market could quadruple by 2025. Will anything hold it bac...
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Gorge Group Invests in Photosensitive Resins
France’s Gorge Group looks to strengthen its investment in AM by acquiring DeltaMed, a photose...
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Cheap 3D Printed Lens Could Help Detect Disease
Australian researchers have created a cheap, smartphone-based 3D printed lens that diagnoses skin di...
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Ten 3D-Printed Sustainable Homes Produced in 24 Hours
An experimental revolution is underway in China to use 3D printing techniques to build houses.
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MIT Offers 3D Printing Summer CE Course
MIT’s continuing education program will hold a 1-week class covering the nuts and bolts of AM ...
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MakerBot’s New Extruder has been Torn Down

The folks at intentional3D have managed to acquire a new MakerBot fifth generation Replicator and pe... More >>
EOS Introduces Two New Materials
Germany’s EOS announces two new biocompatible materials that could further the adoption of met...
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Eqqus’ Muscle Cars Rev Up for Production Using AM
Detroit muscle car startup Equus Automotive is bringing speed and power back to the road with a lot ...
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The Future Looks Bright For 3D Printing R&D Company Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB)
Sigma Labs (SGLB) Announces Software Integration Deal With Materialise and the future looks bright f...
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Singapore University Invests in Medical and Bio-Printing Research
A new collaboration between industry and academia could lead to greater opportunities for AM in the ...
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Synthetic Tissue and Organ Startup Raises $1.68M
British startup OxSyBio raised $1.68M for the creation of an AM tech that builds synthetic tissue an...
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ECN Develops A DLP Metal Printing Technique
Researchers have developed a digital light processing-based technology that will enable metal printi...
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3D Printing Cuts Cost & Time in Autotransfusion Device Development
The cost and development time of one critical medical device was slashed through the use of 3D print...
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Japanese Researchers Create 3D Bone Printer
Japanese researchers have developed a 3D printer capable of printing implantable bone-like material.
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New Electrophoretic Deposition Technique Adds to AM’s Arsenal
A new method for electrophoretic deposition could make EPD a viable AM technique.
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The Foodini 3D Food Printer

There have been several attempts at 3D food printing, ranging from experimental to limited commercia... More >>
Todd Grimm on 3D Printing's Future
Enthusiastic realist plays down the media hype of the manufacturing revolution, but insist great pot...
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3D Printing and Nanosensor Technology for Early Stage Disease Detection
Research demonstrates 3D printed micro-channels can examine micro quantities of body fluids
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Stratasys Acquires Solid Concepts & Harvest Technologies
Stratasys acquires two major service bureaus, likely increasing its profit margin and brand ID.
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Sigma Labs Files for Patent Intended for High End 3D Printing QA

According to a recent Sigma Labs press release, the New Mexico company filed a patent application se... More >>

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