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3D Printing Delicate Cochlear Implants

Germany’s Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) has used 3D printing technology to create minute a... More >>
The Versatile Fortus 400 3D Printer
The Fortus 400 is a professional grade printer for prototyping, tooling and short-run manufacturing.
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Woman Receives 3D Printed Cranial Implant

For the past few years 3D printing has been making news in the world of medicine. From bioprinting s... More >>
Could The Secret of HP’s 3D Printing Venture Be Memjet?

Earlier last week HP CEO Meg Whitman revealed that HP would have some kind of announcement regarding... More >>
How Trek Bikes uses the Objet500 Connex3 Printer for Prototypes
Multi-color printer can blend rigid and rubber-like materials into a single print
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Engineering Ourselves – The Future Potential Power of 3D-Bioprinting?
Researchers at Swansea University are exploring the use of a novel 3D-bioprinting technology to make...
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Could FACTUM’s High-Speed Sintering Process Replace Injection Molding?
A new high-speed plastic 3D printing technique aims to replace injection molding and CNC milling.
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UPDATE: Can HP Change 3D Printing’s Trajectory?
Could HPs Entry into the 3D printing market shift the technology’s potential for adoption, or ...
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Camtek (CAMT) Launching First-Ever 3D Printer For Printed Circuit Board Industry
Camtek (CAMT) is launching a 3D printer for the PCB industry with estimates of .40/share in 2015 ear...
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Harvard Researchers Print Functional Heart Tissue
Harvard researchers engineer a 3D printed cardiac replacement tissue that mimics heart muscles.
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The Inside 3D Printing Conference

Over the past few years the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo’s reputation for hosting ... More >>
MakerBot’s Ever-So-Slight Proprietary Move

With the release of their fifth-generation Replicator personal 3D printer, we noticed a feature that... More >>
Printed Sock Prevents Heart Attacks
A new electronic device custom fit to a patient’s heart could lead to far fewer heart attack d...
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Concept Laser Debuts its Largest 3D Printer

Germany’s Concept Laser recently announced that its largest, most advanced metal 3D printing s... More >>
Airbus to Explore 3D Printed Parts in China
Airbus has teamed up with a Chinese university to explore the potential of printing large-scale aero...
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SLM Solutions Set for an IPO?
 Is SLM Solutions preparing for an IPO? If so, could its entry into the market accelerate indus...
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The Deafening Sound of Silence: Duke Researchers Create a 3D Sonic Cloak
Engineers at Duke University create a 3D printed, 3D acoustic cloak.
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Authentise: 3D Printing IP Protection Rises

A new startup company hopes to provide DRM-like services for 3D printing. Authentise wants to solve ... More >>
Printed Fingerprints Better for Forensics

A group of researchers at Michigan State University have created the world’s first three-dimen... More >>
Cimatron (CIMT): Record Earnings, Trailing PE of 16, Now Entering 3D Printing Software Sales
With record earnings and a trailing PE of 16, Cimatron (CIMT) is entering the 3D printing software m...
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