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3D Printer Cheat Sheet – INFOGRAPHIC

The growth of 3D printing has taken off in the last five years, but what does that mean for your acc... More >>
Custom-Made Robotic Parts

If you’re interested in making robots, chances are you’ve heard of RobotShop, the one-st... More >>
RigidBot 3D Printer Outperforms Replicator 2

Based on the RepRap 3D printer, Michael Lundwall’s Rigidbot is a 3D printer that comes it two ... More >>
3D Printing Stocks Leveling Off?

After massive jumps in price over the past year or so, the stock values of the major 3D printing com... More >>
For 3D Printing “Early Adopters Have Big Advantage”

In a recently released report by technology research company Gartner, experts have concluded that co... More >>
3D Printing and Climate Change

According to the US Department of Energy, 3D printing uses “50% less energy and 90% less mater... More >>
Make Your Move Videos Series: Bre Pettis

In the new “Make Your Move” video series, sponsored by Cartier and Forbes, entrepreneurs... More >>
Singapore to Invest Heavily in 3D Printing

The government of Singapore has stated that, over the course of the next five years, it will invest ... More >>
Super Cheap DNA Printer

Austen Heinz, CEO of Cambrian Genomics, opened his talk at the Solve for X conference with a simple ... More >>
Defense Distributed: Printable Gun in 90 Days

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed appeared on noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio sho... More >>
IBM Sees 3D Printing Changing Manufacturing

IBM’s Paul Brody, the global industry leader for electronics at IBM, believes that three thing... More >>
Multi-Armed Bioprinting

Researchers at the University of Iowa College of Engineering’s Center for Computer Aided Desig... More >>
3D Printing Optimized Shapes

In physics, the concept of “jamming” is defined as a process where granular materials, g... More >>
EFF Mobilizing to Fight 3D Printing Patent Trolls

Patent trolls, people or companies that enforce patents in an opportunistic manner, are sadly, a par... More >>
Defense Distributed Obtains a Federal Licence

 Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed project recently announce, via Facebook, that they had... More >>
3D Printed Modular Lamp

 If there’s a place that 3D printing has taken hold, it’s surly in the fields of ar... More >>
Companies to Explore the Next Generation Concepts for 3D Metal Printing Machinery

Sigma Labs Inc. announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Interactive Ma... More >>
Materialise: New Version of the Mimics Innovation Suite

Materialise has launched the latest Mimics Innovation Suite of software and services, including Mimi... More >>
Extreme Redesign Contest Finalists Announced

Stratasys Ltd. has announced the finalists for its ninth annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challen... More >>
Stratasys Launches First 3D Printer Designed Especially for Smaller Orthodontic Labs and Clinics
Stratasys, Ltd. introduced the Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer, specially designed for smaller orthodo...
More >>

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