Entries for December 2013

Functional 3D Printed Organs by 2014
3D printed livers could become a reality within the next 12 months.
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Solid Concepts’ Printed Metal Gun on Sale
Solid Prototype puts their DMLS M1911 up for sale in a limited edition run.
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Researchers Print Rat Retinal Cells
A breakthrough technique for printing retinal cells could lead to future cures from blindness. 
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Low Cost, 3D Printed UAV Test Bed
A new 3D printed UAV could bridge the gap between wind tunnel and manned flight test for future airc...
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Prodways' Unique 3D Printing Process

It's always interesting to examine a 3D printer with an entirely new process for producing objects. ... More >>
ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) Launches 3D Printing Division
ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) Launches New 3D Printing Division.
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3D Scanning App Lets You Copy & Print Your Own Keys
In partnership with Shapeways, KeyMe has launched a 3D Printed key service.
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3D Printing Could Lead to Product Liability Issues
Stanford law professor says the future of manufacturing could bring about major problems in product ...
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Miniature DMLS Prints Tiny Metal Parts
A micro metal sintering process could lead to tiny metal mechanical parts.
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The All-Electric Energica Breaks Records & Manufacturing Stereotypes
The all-electric Energica motorcycle uses cuttung edge 3D printed parts
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3D Printed Skulls Help Teach Future Brain Surgeons
Researchers in Malaysia created a 3D printed skull capable of simulating skull and brain tissues.
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GE’s Announces 3D Printing Design Quest Winners
An 84% lighter bracket takes top prize at GE’s Jet Engine Bracket Design Contest.
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The Five Most Important 3D Printing Tips You Must Know

If you have a plastic extrusion-based personal 3D printer, there's some things you'd better know. Th... More >>
Is 3D Printing Over-Hyped?
Japanese Holdings company Nomura believes 3D printing is an over-hyped industry. 
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Handheld 3D Bio-Pen Could Transform Implants
Researchers have created the first bio-pen, which could allow surgeons to craft bone implants during...
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3D Scanning Smartphone App
German researchers create a 3D scanner that uses your native smartphone camera.
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Stratasys Introduces Stronger Nylon Material at Euromold 2013
Stratasys announces FDM Nylon 12, its toughest material to date.
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The 3D Printed Robot Heart Powered by Urine
3D printed robotic heart runs on human waste with the aid of microbial fuel cells.
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3D Systems Explodes with Announcements

3D printing giant 3D Systems isn't standing still. At the EuroMold exhibition today they announced n... More >>
Low Cost, Open Source Metal 3D Printer

Open-source has long been a part of the consumer 3D printer world, but a new machine in development ... More >>

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