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Interview with CEO of New 3D Printing Company, Groupe Gorge
Raphael Gorge, CEO of Groupe Gorge, on the company's Prodways 3D printers and the company's fut...
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HP Makes It’s 3D Printing Plans Clear
On a conference call this past Tuesday HP made plain its plans to enter the 3D Printing market.
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3D Printing Pre-Formed, Expandable Structures
ID4A uses 3D printing to “hyper-prototype” a structure’s design.
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Development is Underway for a Graphene 3D Printing Material
The world’s strongest material may soon be available as a 3D printing material.  
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Cartesian’s Circuit Board 3D Printer
3D print a circuit board on any surface from any source – even MSPaint.
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3D Printing Patents Sky Rocket in Number
IPO Study shows that patent filling related to 3D printing has skyrocketed in the last thirteen year...
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USC Researchers Speed Up Multi-Material Printing
A new 3D printing process offers dramatically faster print times for multi-material models.
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3D Printing Organs with the “Bioficial” Technique
The CII’s new technique aims to produce 3D printed, implantable organs within a decade.
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Have You Joined 3D Hubs?

There are several initiatives seeking to link 3D print owners with 3D print buyers, but as time pass... More >>
Lawmakers Hope to Regulate 3D Printed Guns with an Act from the 1980s
US legislators hope the Undetectable Firearms Act can prevent the spread of 3D printed weapons.
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Choices for 3D Print Materials
Wider choice of materials motivates many 3D printing users
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Apple to Move into 3D Scanning Market?
Reports have surfaced that Apple is about to purchase a company with deep ties to the 3D sensor mark...
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Sigma Labs (SGLB) wins 3D Printing Contract Extension with Honeywell
Tiny 3D Printing R&D company Sigma Labs (SGLB) wins contract with big industry player, Hone...
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Urbee 2 to Cross the US on 10 Gallons of Fuel
This 3D printed car is so efficient it plans to cross the US on only 10 gallons of bio-fuel.
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GE Revisits an Old Technique for Rejuvenating Degraded Parts
GE’s uses metal sprays to rebuild protruded features on hard-to-fix parts.
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The Smithsonian Museum Takes Their 3D Scanning Project Online
x3D Explorer lets you view and print your own 3D models of famous Smithsonian exhibits.
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3D Scanning and Lighting

MakerBot recently issued some tips and instructions on how to best use their new Digitizer 3D scanne... More >>
Mini-3D Printed Livers Prove to be Survivors
Organovo prints functional human livers that survive for 40 days.
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3D Printing Be Could Be Worth $8.41B by 2020
Divergent tech and foreign competition could mean massive growth for the 3D printing industry.
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Low-Cost Facial Prostheses Change Lives
A British design firm 3D scans and prints inexpensive, custom facial prostheses.
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