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NASA's Human-Supporting Rover Has FDM Parts
An agile white vehicle roams the Arizona desert, maneuvering the unforgiving terrain as the wind and...
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SpiderBot Concept May Greatly Expand 3D Build Volumes

One of the most troublesome aspects of 3D printing is that most machines have a relatively small bui... More >>
3D Printing On the Moon

Looking up into a clear night sky, the moon glows with a stark white intensity. Although it’s ... More >>
Objet Launches Largest Ever 3D Printer – Objet1000!

EuroMold 2012 is in full swing, and as 3D printing manufacturers pull out all of the stops to showca... More >>
3D Printed Electronics Demonstration

Optomec and Stratasys are set to demonstrate their hybrid technology that permits a type of 3D print... More >>
LaserCUSING in an XXL Format for the Carmaker Daimler

The Fraunhofer ILT and Concept Laser are presenting the new, high-performance LaserCUSING machine X ... More >>
Solidscape Launches 3D Printing System for Dental Labs

Solidscape, Inc. announced the launch of the 3Z LAB 3D wax printer. Designed specifically to meet th... More >>
Mcor Technologies Announces Availability of the IRIS
Mcor Technologies Ltd will begin delivery of its new color 3D printer in December.
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3D Printing Cartilage

Cartilage can be found in a variety of parts of the human body.  Our ears, rib cage, spine and,... More >>
MIT Creates Lens for Radio Waves

Metamaterials are, by their very definition, awesome. The first sentence of the Metamaterials entry ... More >>
007's 3D Printed Cars

Not one, but three 3D-printed cars were created for secret agent 007 James Bond for his recent film,... More >>
3D Printer Creates Stunning Skyscrapers for Seoul’s New Business District!

The Yongsan District  features the most expensive commercial real estate in Seoul and is planne... More >>
GE Aviation Acquires Morris Technologies and Rapid Quality Manufacturing

Source: GE Reports GE Aviation has acquired the assets of Morris Technologies, and its sister co... More >>
3D Photo Booth Arrives

Next time you’re down on Mulberry St. in New York City, make a point of stopping into the Make... More >>
2BEIGH3, A Combo 3D Printer and CNC Machine

If I told you that you could build a combination 3D printer and CNC machine for just over $1,000, wh... More >>
3D Printing Group Has Martian Ambitions

Lulzbot, a 3D printer manufactured by Aleph Objects Inc., may one day find itself on Mars. On Novemb... More >>
Start-Up Offers Blueprints For 3D Printed Parts

Stratasys founder Scott Crump offered the following commentary on Swedish company Teenage Engineerin... More >>
3D Printer Used to Make Walking Bio-Bots

What comes to mind when someone says the word “robot”? Do you think of a plastic shelled... More >>
Jeremy Paxman Learns about 3D Printing on BBC’s Newsnight

In this extensive video clip taken from the BBC’s recent Newsnight program, presenter Jeremy P... More >>
Two 3D Printing Downers

We've just read not one, but two articles from reputable publications that appear to dismiss the not... More >>

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