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3D Printing a Mummy’s Hand
The University of Birmingham demonstrates that 3D prints can be educational, tactile and fairly terr...
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Stratasys' Strategy in a Post-Patent World

Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world today, faces transition. While the ... More >>
3D Printing Materials worth $600M by 2025
Study predicts 3D printing material market will top $600M by 2025.
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Proto-Pasta Debuts Three 3D Printing Materials
Highly durable filaments along with the data to use them right.
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3D Printed Composites for End-Use Components
Composite technology to bring 3D printing to production parts
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HP Re-Enters the 3D Printing Market
HP’s CEO announces plan to re-enter the 3D printing race
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Adorable 3D Printed Humanoid Robot
Cheap, open-source 3D printed robot.
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Laser Slicing Technique Scans Microscopic Objects

A new process for scanning microscopic objects has been developed at Penn State. The process involve... More >>
Q&A with Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo Holdings Inc. (ONVO)
Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo Holdings (ONVO), on the 3D bioprinting company he leads.
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Canada to Study how to Prevent 3D Printed Guns
Public Safety Department to explore control of 3D printed guns
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Move over Michealangelo – 3D Printing with Marble
Marble dust is turned into 3D printer material
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The Eiffel Tower is 3D Printing’s Go-To Model
Why are there so many 3D printed models of the iconic tower?
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UK Announces Further Funding for 3D Printing in Schools
Funding to advance STEM education 
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Can 3D Printing Permanently Break the Law!?

Recently, Gartner reported that 3D Printing will create tremendous losses in intellectual property (... More >>
Print Me to the Moon
Space agency to develop large scale metal 3D printing.
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3D Printing for Math Professors and You, Too

We're looking at a PDF, strangely stored on Thingiverse, where one normally finds 3D models. The PDF... More >>
Virtual Reality and 3D Printing - Beyond Virtual Prototyping
An inside look at Lockheed Martin’s immersive laboratory
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Stealing Intellectual Property with 3D Printing
Gartner predicts massive IP theft due to 3D Printing
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We’ve Printed a Monster
Ethics of 3D Bio-printing
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3D Printed Robotic Arm
Entire complex assembly made from a single print 
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