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Zecotek Photonics [OTC:ZMSPF] Enters 3D Printing with Patented, Disruptive Technology
3D printing from a holographic image is what's next from Zecotek Photonics (ZMSPF)
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Laser Sintering Moves Into the Bike Market
DMLS may have found another niche as the world’s first 3D printed bike frame debuts in the UK.
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Gartner Predicts a Disruptive Future for 3D Printing
Analysts predict AM is set to shake up both society and industry, but will it provide solutions at t...
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ABS Plastic On The Way Out?

We’re beginning to notice a significant trend. When looking at new emerging personal 3D printe... More >>
Repealed Patent Could Yield New Resin Printing Material
A recently overturned patent could lead to the development of new UV curable resins for 3D printing.
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Stratasys Launches a Multi-Material Full Color 3D Printer
Stratasys’ newest printer combines multi-material and full color 3D printing for the first tim...
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Two Approaches to Break Through the DLP Resolution Barrier

envisionTEC and Prodways have two very different approaches  Digital Light Processing, or &ldq... More >>
The Oil and Gas Industry Embraces 3D Printing
GE doubles down on its investment in 3D printing, expanding additive manufacturing operations to its...
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Additive Manufacturing Users Group Announces Keynote Speakers
Dr. Mike North, Jason Lopes and Todd Grimm will the set conference tone at AMUG’s 2014 Confere...
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Credit Suisse Revises Their 3D Printing Projections
New analysis of the “prosummer” 3D printing market leads Credit Suisse to upgrade its 3D...
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3D Systems Expands Vat Photopolymerization Offerings

Desktop Projet 1200 uses Digital Light Projection - DLP Although the moniker didn’t exist a... More >>
3D Printing Reaches New Heights
CubeSat pushes 3D printing to see if its materials can hold up in space.
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The Sweet ChefJet 3D Printers

3D Systems announced not one, but two edible food 3D printers last week, creating an entirely new ge... More >>
Concept Laser Expands Its Research Endeavors
A new DMLS lab looks to push the state of the art and create parts more rapidly.
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LG Chem to Supply ABS to Stratasys
Korea’s leading chemical company will now supply Stratasys with ABS plastics for their 3D prin...
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UK to Invest £15M in 3D Printing Hub Focused on Aerospace Engineering
British Finance Minister George Osborne announces a £15 million investment to develop a nation...
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Magnetic Levitation Aids 3D Bioprinting
Rainbow Bioscience launches the first commercially available bioprinter for drug testing and screeni...
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Sculpteo’s Factory Button

If you’ve been learning about 3D printing, you’ll know that the best things to print are... More >>
Integrating 3D Printing Into Your Product Development Lifecycle
3 good reasons to add the tech to your product development cycle.
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MCOR Gains Investors & Epson Enters 3D Printing Market
SDL printer MCOR looks to Silicon Valley for investment, while printing giant Epson looks to enter t...
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