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Deloitte Offers Free Course of 3D Printing
Deloitte University Press is offering an intro course on #3Dprinting aimed at business & profess...
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Katy Perry's Halftime Show Shows Off FDM & Polyjet Tech
What would a Superbowl be without 3D Printing? Katy Perry's dancers doned FDM & Polyjet pieces d...
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Zecotek Announces Breakthrough for Metal AM Powder Production
Zecotek announces a major breakthrough in the production of metal AM powders. Will the new tech real...
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Student's Build Solar Car with 3D Printed Body
Student's in Singapore debut the Venture 8, a solar powered car with a 3D printed body.
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Graphene 3D Ready for Industrial Scale Graphene Filament Production
Graphene 3D looks ready to begin the industrial scale production of 3D Printable graphene filament.
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Stratasys Expands Color & Functional Material Options
Stratasys expands both its FDM and Polyjet material lines introducing new colors and an improved fun...
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