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Bioprinted Material Acts Like a Liver, Detoxifies Blood
A new bioprinted device that mimics the human liver could lead to patient specific blood detoxificat...
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GE is Bringing Industrial AM to India

Earlier this week General Electric announced it will bring 3D printing to its new plant in Chakan, P... More >>
Rezvani Supercar Uses 3D Printed Components
The group of supercars that use 3D printing grows ever larger as Rezvani motors announces the debut ...
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Who are the Leading Personal 3D Printing Companies?

With the seemingly weekly arrival of new personal 3D printers and manufacturers, one has to wonder w... More >>
ExOne Introduces Inconel Material, First Quarter Profits
ExOne announces increases in revenue and a new Inconel material. Is the firm ready for the AM big ti...
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Disney Creates 3D Printed Interactive Speakers
Researchers at Disney blend old and new technologies to create a novel type of speaker that can be b...
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Wohlers: AM Industry Grows 34.9 Percent in 2014
Wohlers Associates 2014 report highlights the AM industry’s explosive growth and foresees a st...
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The ProJet 3500 HDMax
3D Systems’ ProJet 3500 HDMax is a professional grade printer that processes a range of materi...
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3D Printed Carbomorph Circuit Boards
A revolution in home built consumer electronic fabrication.
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Lockheed Martin and RedEye Team Up to Validate Satellite Design

In a recent collaboration, Stratasys’ service beaurea arm RedEye has partnered with Lockheed M... More >>
Stem Cell Printing Could End Osteoarthritis Pain
A new 3D printing technique could end osteoarthritic pain and provide a bright future for bioprintin...
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Some Pretty Big Updates from 123D

Autodesk has delivered some pretty substantial updates to their 123D suite of 3D modeling tools.&nbs... More >>

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