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CAD Users to Drive 3D Printing’s Future
CAD users will spur on 3D printing adoption in the next 5 years, but will that group bring the tech ...
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Optomec Awarded Patent for Electronics Printing Technique
 A newly awarded 3D printing patent could be the key to 3D printed circuits and all-in-one 3D p...
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Infographic: 3D Printing: How Long till the Revolution

In a newly released infographic, 3D printings uses and the history of technological adoption are sea... More >>
With Bioprinting the Impossible Seems Possible
Bioprinting expert Ben Harrison believes full size, printed human organs might not be that far away
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The Perils of Managing a 3D Print Fashion Show
3D printing technology is affecting everything. It even affects the way you produce a fashion show.
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3D Printer Filament Recycling is Super Green
A new analysis of 3D printing highlights many of the concerns about plastic 3D print stock.
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EDAG Unveils 3D Printed Concept Car at Geneva Auto Show
A 3D printed auto concept inspired by nature could be the inspiration for 3D printed cars of the fut...
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New Radar Scanner Can Detect 3D Printed Weapons
A new radar scanning technology could lead to safer public spaces and the end of undetectable 3D pri...
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Koenigsegg Unveils a New Supercar and Large Printed Components
 Koenigsegg introduces a new car and the world’s largest 3D printed titanium auto compone...
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