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Paper Prototypes for Product Development with Mcor IRIS
MCOR Iris makes hi-res color 3D prints that are surprisingly durable
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Alphaform AG (AFRMF): German Engineering AND Value in a 3D Printing Stock
Alphaform AG is a German 3D printing services bureau whose stock appears very undervalued according ...
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The Search Begins for 3D Printed Cotton Textiles
A new call for proposals searches for a cotton-based 3D printer. 
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Five Disruptions To Be Caused By 3D Printing
A new report suggests 3D printing will be quite disruptive to the global economy in the next decade.
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DMLS Leads to More Sustainably Manufactured Metal Parts
A new study lends credence to additive manufacturing’s sustainability credentials. 
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Stratasys to be Acquired?

Bloomberg speculates on the future of 3D printing giant Stratasys. They believe the company could be... More >>
Heat-Resistant PLA Could Expand 3D Printing Capabilities
A recently developed heat-resistant PLA gives the cheap 3D printing material more versatility.
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Super Strong, Super Light 3D Printed Structures
Novel technique incorporates microscale material and structural engineering
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When will 3D Printing Reach a Mass Consumer Audience?
Industry visionary Conor MacCormack on the hurdles to wide adoption
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3D Printing Offers Solution For Joint Replacement
3D printed knee replacements could change the way we age, improving mobility in later life.
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3D Printing Central to Future Military Strategy
A new 3D printing production paradigm could slash costs and make the military more effective.
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