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Google and 3D Systems Connect to Develop Modular Smartphones
A new pact between Google & 3D Systems could bring modular 3D printed smartphones to the market ...
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Undergrads Aim to Lower Bio Printing Costs
A 3D printer extruder developed by two undergrads could lower the cost of printing cellular media.
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Uformia’s UFormIt Could Change Everything

We got thinking about Uformia’s new Uformit service and realized something important. Somethin... More >>
Jeffries Believes Metal 3D Printing is Set to Grow
According to a new report metal 3D printing is set to grow, while consumer models are mired in a bra...
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AMUG Conference Lineup
Five jam-packed days.
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Local Motors to Debut 3D Printed Car in September
Local Motors has stated that it will deliver its first 3D printed car at the International Manufactu...
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The MX3D: A Robotic 3D Printer
A new robotic-armed 3D printer previews the possibility of large-scale industrial additive manufactu...
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Printed Exoskelton Helps Woman Walk
3D printing helps Amanda Boxtel walk after 22 years of paralysis.
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Airbus Expands 3D Printing Use
European aerospace giant Airbus continues to integrate AM into its production cycle.
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Beyond Connex3: What Would a True Color 3D Printer Be?

With the excitement from Stratasys’ recent announcement of the color Connex3 technology, we&rs... More >>
Large Scale Polymer Printers Are On the Way
The auto and aerospace industries could see increased use of AM as new large scale prototyping syste...
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Meet a 3D Printing Stock With a PE of 40: MGI Digital Graphic Technology (FRIIF)
MGI is entering the 3D printing OEM space with a PE ratio of 40 and cutting-edge technology.
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NASA Research Could Expand AM’s Potential
Three advanced engineering projects at NASA are utilizing additive manufacturing to push the limits ...
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New Bioprinting Method Borrows Ancient Technique
Researchers in Houston create a more reliable bioprinting technique that harkens back to ancient Chi...
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$2.2M Granted for 3D Printing Manufacturing Suite
A recent grant by America Makes will help fund the development of a 3D printing-based manufacturing ...
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Can 3D Printing Lead to Lighter, Stronger Materials?
A nanoscale SLS printing technique could be the key to creating lighter, stronger 3D printed materia...
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Join ENGINEERING.com at the AMUG Users Conference
It’s a can’t-be-missed event.
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Another 3D Printing Patent Set to Expire: What Does This Mean?

US Patent number 5,597,589, “Apparatus for producing parts by selective sintering”, is t... More >>
NASA Research Aims to Print Wood in Space
A new bioprinting methodology could leverage the power of cellular biology to create non-living biol...
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Has the 3D Printing Bubble Burst
After a steep drop in stock prices, some are beginning to wonder if we’re seeing the end of th...
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