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3D Printing: The Future For Aerospace And Defense May Be EBM (Electron Beam Melting) Predicts PwC
EBM (Electron Beam Melting) has advantages over other technologies for 3D printing in the defense an...
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Goldman Sachs: 3D Printing Represents “Creative Destruction”
A new report 3D printing is classified as a revolutionary new sector
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MakerBot & Microsoft Team Up To Expand 3D Printing Adoption
Microsoft and Makerbot team up to expand the reach of 3D printing
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China’s First 3D Bio Printer
Chinese biomedical engineering takes a leap forward with its first bioprinter.
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It's Time For Filament Standardization

Some 3D printer manufacturers have moved to proprietary filament cartridges, but many 3D printers ar... More >>
3D Printed Rifle Fires 14 Shots
A 3D printing hobbyist has create a not-entirely-unreliable 3D printed rifle
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MIT Students Release 3D Printed High Security Keys
At DefCon, MIT hackers debuted a crack to create Primus keys
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Artificial Human Ear Printed from Sheep Cells
An artificial ear has been created using 3D printed animal tissues.
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ExOne to Expand its Reach into S. America & China
Heavy and advanced industries in S. America and Asia look to benefit from AM machines.
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Should 3D Systems Acquire Formlabs?

We recently noted a pause until September 3rd in the lawsuit between 3D Systems and Formlabs (and Ki... More >>
Q&A with CEO of 3D Printing Company, Arcam AB
Learn about one of the fastest-growing 3D Printing companies from the CEO of Arcam AB.
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The First Commercial 3D Printed Metal Gun Part
The first commercially available 3D printed muzzle break hits the market.
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