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Recreating the Ancient Past at Harvard

Museum curators at Harvard’s Semitic Museum are using 3D modeling to undo a part of the destru... More >>
EOS Releases FORMIGA P 110

EOS presented the FORMIGA P 110 - successor model of the established and very successful plastic las... More >>
Objet Launches Objet1000

Objet Ltd launched the Objet1000, the company's largest 3D printer to date. Featuring 39.3 x 31.4 x ... More >>
3D Printing Design Contest – And the Winners are…

The 3D Printing Design Contest generated some pretty incredible designs. The imagination and ingenui... More >>
Programming & Printing DNA

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was one of the most ambitious scientific endeavors ever undertaken by... More >>
3D Printed Fasteners That You Can’t Pull Apart!

EuroMold is always full of surprises, and 2012 was no exception. Take for instance this story relate... More >>
Objet Adds New Improved Rigid Black Material

Objet Ltd announced the release of a new and improved Objet Rigid Black Material. The new material p... More >>
Defense Distributed Tests Their Mettle

Earlier this year we reported about Defense Distributed, a group whose goal is “to produce and... More >>
3D Print Lightweight Load Bearing Structures

In most large constructions, rigid, dense and heavy support beams are used to keep a structure from ... More >>
FDM Training Tools Save Money, Enhance Learning

Training those who will work with or maintain complex customized equipment (think military aircraft ... More >>

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