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3D Printer Used to Make Walking Bio-Bots

What comes to mind when someone says the word “robot”? Do you think of a plastic shelled... More >>
Two 3D Printing Downers

We've just read not one, but two articles from reputable publications that appear to dismiss the not... More >>
3D Printing Contest - Week One’s Winners
Well, the first week of our 3D Printing contest has come to a close.  We received numerous entr...
More >>
The Status of Bio Printing

In the past, we’ve shown you a few ways (here & here) that researchers are using 3D printi... More >>
3D Printing Moving to the Front Lines?

Back in August, we reported about the US Army deploying several 3D printing labs across Afghani... More >>
NASA Uses 3D Printing to Build New Rockets

With the Space Shuttle retired, NASA’s future plans for spaceflight revolve around a program d... More >>
Uformia: Saving the world from polygons!

Uformia AS has launched a KickStarter campaign for its new modeler, MeshUp. Based on volume modeling... More >>
Printing Bricks

Fabbaloo readers are most familiar with the idea of 3D printing plastic, metal or sometimes food, bu... More >>
The Jet Car from Buckaroo Banzai – 3D Printed!

Sponsored post from Objet I think I must have just missed this growing up. But judging by the tra... More >>
Shapeways and the Factory of the Future

For most of us, assessing a product’s success is a matter of balancing the cost of production ... More >>
FDM Replacement Part on the Fly

Sponsored post from Stratasys As a Stratasys application engineer, I was part of the FDM booth at t... More >>
Turning Your Emotions into 3D Models

ThinkerThing, a company based in Chile, has some radical ideas about the future of 3D modeling, and ... More >>
3D Systems’ VisiJet Jewel Automates Jewelry Manufacturing

3D Systems announced the immediate availability of VisiJet Jewel, a new specialized material formula... More >>
Stratasys Adds Black ULTEM 9085 High-Performance Thermoplastic

At the SEMA Show (Las Vegas), Stratasys debuted black color ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermopla... More >>
3D Printing and Special Effects

Cinemagic, it’s a term that used to describe the incredible things that can come to life in th... More >>
We're Printing 9 Designs on a Mojo - Will Yours Be One?

Do you love design? Can you create a CAD file? If so, we want to print your design on a 3D printer... More >>
Envisiontec Announces Move to New Headquarters in Dearborn

EnvisionTEC, Inc. announced that it has relocated to a new 39,000 square foot facility in Dearborn, ... More >>

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