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DRM: Is it Good for 3D Printing?

New Scientist’s Paul Marks has a new column about a curious little patent that could have huge... More >>
Microsoft Surface New Design Benefits from 3D Printing

There’s a nice article over on the Verge today by David Pierce that takes an inside&... More >>
Seeking a Framework for the UK’s 3D Printing Future

Big Innovation Center researcher Andrew Sissons sees the immense potential of 3D printing. He also s... More >>
The Craziness of 3D Printing Stocks

As we're now in the "Peak of Inflated Expectations" of 3D printing, according to Gartner, ... More >>
Prototyping a City's New Direction

Crowd-Sourcing has become a popular way for companies and organizations to gain a creative edge when... More >>
TCT Live – What You Missed and Why You Need to Attend
TCT Live 2012 (Birmingham, England) once again proved to be a not-to-be-missed event. Read Todd Grim...
More >>
3D Printing Chemicals On Demand

The Guardian’s Tim Adams has recently written a profile of Lee Cronin, a professor of chemistr... More >>
3D Printer Overhype —The Very Real Impacts

As we ride the crest of the 3D printing hype wave, spare a thought for those who have already ridden... More >>
3D Printing Some Unique Iphone Covers

One aspect of 3D printing that is often overlooked is their ability to create fully functional, pre-... More >>
Jay Leno and 3D Printing

One of the biggest issues with collecting old cars, especially if you use them, is trying to find re... More >>
EU Looking to 3D Printing to Help Revive Manufacturing

It seems that week-in and week-out gloomy news regarding the EU zone’s economy keeps making th... More >>
The Ultra-Bot 3D Printer

The Ultra-Bot is yet another Kickstarter project producing a unique 3D printer. This one is already ... More >>
How the Makers Will Create a New Industrial Revolution

Over at Forbes, Dan Schawbel snagged an interview with Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired Maga... More >>
Rocket Moonlighting Used DMLS to Build Homemade Rockets

Anyone even a little bit interested in rocketry, space travel or just cool engineering should head o... More >>
Army Research Lab Relies on 3D Printing Technology

Although the Army’s interest in rapid prototyping comes as no surprise to those who have been ... More >>
Disney Research Labs Illuminates 3D Printing

Researchers at Disney Research Pittsburg have designed a system that emphasizes the use of light as ... More >>
Turning Computer Animated Characters into Reality using 3D Printing

As we spoke about in this previous blog post, there remain a number of technological gaps between wh... More >>
BFB’s AXON Updated

For readers using BitsFromBytes personal 3D printing equipment (that means a RapMan, BFB 3000 or 3D ... More >>
Outsourcing Replacement Parts to the Customer

Geeta Dayal of Wired Magazine has written a piece profiling Teenage Engineering’s move to outs... More >>
A Brief History of 3D Printing
A Brief History of 3D Printing
More >>

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