Strong Keynote Lineup for AMUG Conference
Kyle Maxey posted on March 25, 2015 |
AMUG's conference lineup delivers again. Todd Grimm, Jason Lopez, Lonnie Love & Chuck Hall will make...

3D printing, AMUG, AM, speakers, keynoteThe Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference brings together additive manufacturing/3D printing users that are passionate and inquisitive about the technology. It also promotes an open, inviting environment for information exchange and collaboration. AMUG has carefully selected a keynote line up that embraces these traits and sets the tone for each day.

AMUG is “for users by users” so it has selected passionate, informed keynote speakers from the user community. Jason Lopes, Lonnie Love and Todd Grimm will keynote three of the four conference days. And for the first time, AMUG will host an Innovators Showcase where Chuck Hull, the father of stereolithography, will have a conversation with AMUG attendees.

Todd Grimm, AMUG’s AM industry advisor and president of T. A. Grimm & Associates, will kick off the event with insights on recent developments and near term trends. This will be Grimm’s fifth AMUG keynote in six years. According to Mark Barfoot, AMUG’s president, “Two years ago, we excluded Todd Grimm from the keynote lineup thinking that we needed a change. That was a mistake. Attendees really missed hearing his thoughts, which are delivered with energetic, motivational and somewhat evangelical style.”

Lonnie Love, group leader of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Systems Research Group, will be day two’s keynote speaker. Love’s team has had a big impact on additive manufacturing advancement with the development of a new, large-format technology; printing of cars to show what’s possible; development of process methodologies for materials; and work on multi-property metal parts. Love will share details on these and other projects at ORNL. Barfoot said, “I am really looking forward to hearing about Lonnie Love’s work. I am equally interested in experiencing the exuberance, passion and excitement that he projects from the stage.”

On day three, Chuck Hull, the inventor of stereolithography and 3D Systems' executive vice president and chief technology officer, will be the center of attention for a “fireside chat” in the Innovators Showcase. In an interview-style conversation, attendees will venture into the early days when Chuck was developing stereolithography, giving life to a new industry and overcoming the challenges that innovators face. Chuck will also offer insights through present day with the intent to share his experiences so that they may guide others. Barfoot said, “Chuck Hull is a quiet, unpretentious and unassuming person. This format is perfect for him to talk with the attendees in a casual, conversational way that lets people get to know the man and experience additive manufacturing through his eyes.”

Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects will anchor the final day of the event. Now internationally recognized for his work using additive manufacturing in effects for film, TV and promotion, Jason notes that his first AMUG conference was a turning point, introducing him to ideas and applications as well as people that knew how to make things happen. Barfoot said, “Jason Lopes draws the audience in with stories of great applications delivered in a humble, comfortable style. When he is done speaking, everyone either wants to be Jason Lopes or have his job.”

The AMUG Conference will be held in Jacksonville, Florida from April 19 – 23, 2015. For details and registration information, visit

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