First 3D Printed Jet Engine
Fabbaloo posted on March 06, 2015 |
Monash University prints the world's first, completely additively manufactured jet engine. Will it f...

A team of 3D print researchers has managed to 3D print an entire jet engine. 

The group, from Melbourne Australia-based Monash University, have actually printed two complete jet engines using metal 3D printing technology.The process, which took some two years to complete, involved obtaining permission to 3D scan the internal components of an existing turbofan auxiliary power unit used in smaller aircraft. Each scanned part was then printed in solid metal using the EOS and Concept Laser gear at the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing in Melbourne. 

While these parts have been printed and assembled into a jet engine, it is not known whether the engine has been fired. This is also a key test, as the mechanical rigors of engine operation will provide a test for the strength of the 3D printed parts. 

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