Graphene 3D Lab Ready for Graphene-Enhanced Filament Production
Gary Anderson posted on January 29, 2015 |
Graphene 3D Lab to begin producing graphene filaments for 3D printing.

Company has production capacity of up to 10 kg per hour of 3D printer filament.

In news announced this morning, Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V) on the Toronto Venture Exchange and (GPHBF) on the U.S. OTC market, announced they will begin sales of graphene-enhanced filaments for use in 3D printing by the end of March. The large scale availability of graphene filaments as a new material for consumer grade 3D printers is a milestone for the 3D printing space, as well as for the company which is now moving from R&D to revenue production.

When the benefits of 3D printing are combined with the properties of graphene, demand for graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing could be strong.

Graphene 3D Lab is also developing 3D printed batteries as shown in this video:

While Graphene 3D Lab is a small, mostly unknown player in the 3D printing space, I believe that will change in 2015 as their early mover advantage in the graphene-3D printing materials space becomes more public.

Gary Anderson

Disclosure: I own shares of Graphene 3D Lab Inc.

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