Graphene 3D Lab to Acquire Canadian 3D Printer Maker
Staff posted on December 10, 2014 |
Graphene labs makes a strong push into the AM market signing an LOI to purchase an up-and-coming Can...

graphene, 3D printer, business, acquisition,Graphene 3D Lab has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Boots Industries, a Canadian 3D printer manufacturer.

Founded in 2012 in Quebec City, Boots Industries is a key player in the Canadian 3D printing market. Boots’ BI V2.0, a large-volume, fully featured 3D printer was positively received, with several hundred orders placed. Boots Industries has since made further innovations with its latest model, the BI V2.5.

Daniel Stolyarov, CEO of Graphene 3D commented, “The goal of Graphene 3D is to introduce a 3D printing ecosystem, including a 3D printer and functional materials, capable of printing operational and electronic devices.” He continued, “The team at Boots Industries have been successful to date in the development and sale of high-quality 3D printers, and we have the utmost confidence in their teams’ capabilities to develop a multi-material printer optimized for Graphene 3D materials.”

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop a 3D printer capable of printing operational devices with functional materials. The entire Boots Industries team is looking forward to working within the Graphene 3D team on the next revolution in 3D printing.” said Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO of Boots Industries.

Source: Graphene 3D Labs 

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