Materialise Makes Concept Laser A More Attractive Option for Metal AM
Staff posted on November 24, 2014 |
Materialise's new Build Processor software makes using Concept Laser's Metal AM Systems much easier ...
3d printing, CAD, materialise, concept laser, metal, AMMaterialise has announced the launch of a build processor for Concept Laser metal 3D printers. The beta version of the Concept Laser Build Processor will be launched next week.

Behind every good 3D-printed part is good software. Materialise works with 3D printer manufacturers to make software that connects with their line of machines, giving users the best results and streamlining the 3D printing process. The build processors provide that necessary link between software and machine, filling the role of 2D printer drivers between computers and inkjet printers.

With Materialise’s Concept Laser Build Processor, users of Concept Laser’s range of metal 3D printers, who are typically found in aerospace, automotive industry, medical, dental, jewelry and mold-making, will see an improved user experience. The aim of the build processor is twofold. The first benefit is the seamless transfer of data, which enables users to print more complex and better quality parts with the maximum amount of success. Another key benefit is the two-way communication between software and the 3D printer. In essence, the build processor does not just tell the machine what to do, but the machine also gives feedback so it’s easy to trace and store data on specific jobs.

This Build Processor is one of many that Materialise will be releasing and we are looking forward to future releases with other partners.

Source: Materialise

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