3DSystems Announces Their New, SLS System -- The ProX 500 Plus
Staff posted on November 20, 2014 |
3DSystems announce their fastest ever production grade SLS system, the ProX 500 Plus.

3D printing, SLS, ProX 500, EuroMold3D Systems has announced it will preview its fastest fab-grade Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) system yet, the ProX 500 Plus, at EuroMold 2014.

With the elevated production capabilities and repeatable results of the ProX 500 and ProX 500 Plus, service bureaus and large manufacturing operations—in industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, customized medical devices, consumer products and rapid tooling—can rethink entire production and supply chain strategies for advanced product performance and lower total manufacturing costs. In addition to high material recyclability, the ProX 500 Plus allows for greater flexibility, so companies can explore localized manufacturing for step-change ability to exploit evolving marketplace opportunities and gain first-mover advantage.

A key element of the ProX 500 Plus’s industry-leading engineering capabilities is the addition of three exclusive high-performance materials to the DuraForm® ProX line for use in the ProX 500 Plus:

  • DuraForm ProX GF is a glass-filled polyamide (Nylon) material formulated for maximum stiffness and elevated temperature resistance. For parts that will undergo thermal stress or those that require high rigidity—like aircraft and automotive parts, complex housings and enclosures—DuraForm ProX GF will be the go-to material.
  • DuraForm ProX AF+ material is an aluminum-filled polyamide (Nylon) with a gray appearance, high strength-to-weight ratio, elevated thermal resistance and improved machinability. This material is perfect for manifolds and similar under-hood automotive models in addition to jigs and fixtures—any end-use or working prototypes with a cast aluminum aesthetic for engine and other equipment components requiring high force loading.
  • DuraForm ProX EX is a high impact strength nylon material with increased durability and remarkable flexibility. DuraForm ProX EX will be ideal for applications with high-force snap-fit designs, thin-walled parts and other fine-featured models needing nearly indestructible toughness and durability.

“Simply put, the ProX 500 Plus delivers the highest quality end parts with a combination of speed, precision, economy and robust material choices to a level that no one has seen before,” said Buddy Byrum, Vice President, Product and Channel Management, 3DS. “This 3D printer provides the most long-lasting parts for the most challenging operating environments.”

The ProX 500 Plus’ new high-resolution mode prints part features down to as small as .45mm and boasts higher part density, tensile strength and modulus stiffness. In terms of print speed, the ProX 500 Plus offers 30% faster printing in high-speed mode.

Source: 3DSystems

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