Abode CC Update Includes Expanded Support for 3DP
Staff posted on October 07, 2014 |
Adobe announces expanded support for 3DPrinting in its latest update of its Creative Cloud Suite.

3D printing, adobe, software, designAt Adobe MAX 2014, Adobe has announced it is shipping a milestone release of Creative Cloud that transforms how creatives work across desktops and devices.  This major release includes significant feature updates to 13 essential CC desktop tools that link to a new family of integrated mobile apps. In addition, the latest versions of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC include breakthroughs in Touch support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface Pro 3. Central to this release is an all-new Creative Profile that drives deep connections between CC desktop tools and nine new mobile apps that extend the power of the Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere franchises onto mobile devices.

New Features for Essential CC Desktop Tools
This Creative Cloud release includes powerful new features for Adobe’s flagship creative desktop tools. Highlights include: Touch support on Windows 8 devices for key design applications; new 3D print features and enhanced Mercury Graphics Engine performance for Photoshop CC.

Included in Adobe's new 3DP features are:

  • COLLADA Rigging Support which will allow users to import animations and their rigs while retaining the ability to edit and refine 3D models.
  • Several new supported printer and service bureau profiles including Makerbot; Ultimaker and iMaterialise.
Source: Adobe


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