MCOR Continues to Enchance Color AM Technology
Staff posted on October 01, 2014 |
MCOR announce another update to its IRIS AM system, increase the machine's color management and cost...

3D printing, MCOR, color, paper, Mcor Technologies Ltd has extended the possibilities of color 3D printing with enhancements to the Mcor IRIS, already the world’s most color-capable 3D printer. The Mcor IRIS now offers:

  • Increased color edge definition, or sharpness.
  • Improved color quality on thin-walled models.
  • A 10 percent reduction in ink usage, further reducing the industry’s lowest operating costs.

The enhancements announced today build on the superior True Colour capabilities of Mcor 3D printers and are part of Mcor’s aggressive color strategy. Earlier this year, the company made the Mcor IRIS the first 3D printer to include an International Color Consortium (ICC) profile. The profile ensures that the 3D printer will precisely produce industry-standard colors as presented in a photographer’s, engineer’s or designer’s photograph, CAD model, scan or illustration. Without the ICC profile, 3D printers translate incoming colors to machine-specific ones, introducing unintended changes in the 3D printed color along the way. Mcor 3D printers are the only ones to use ordinary A4 and letter paper, an ideal medium for color, as the build material.

The Mcor IRIS prints in more than one million colors simultaneously, rendering color as rich, vibrant and complex as it appears on a computer screen. Mcor’s patented ink is specially formulated to penetrate paper, resulting in rich, consistent color fidelity. When sheets of paper are bound together in the 3D printing process, the resulting model feels like wood because it essentially is wood.

“The Holy Grail in 3D printing is the ability to print in full color,” said Oscar Pakasi, managing director and founder of, an e-commerce platform for 3D printing services. “Many 3D printing companies claim to print in full color but print only a limited number of colors or produce inaccurate or muddy colors. One of the great advantages of Mcor’s technology – applying ink intended for paper onto paper – is the realistic look of the models and the beauty of the result. These new improvements extend the possibilities for 3D printing among the many educational institutions, 3D printing service bureaus and companies that can benefit from colour.”

Mcor will display models featuring these color enhancements this week at TCT + Personalize, a leading 3D printing and product development event taking place in Birmingham, UK. Mcor will exhibit in Stand D18 of the NEC.

“Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of people who experience our color models and to make them see the real value in adding color,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies Ltd. “We’ll continue to lead the industry, innovating and creating new possibilities for 3D printing in color, which is a powerful and informative way to present 3D printed models to the world.”

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