Desirable Facial Prosthetics
Fabbaloo posted on September 04, 2014 |
3D Printing features prominently in a Dyson Award winning facial prosthetic that can be configured o...

fabbaloo, prosthetic, Dyson, 3D printing, medicineA New Zealand designer has created a way to develop highly personalized 3D printed prosthetic noses. 

The new approach not only provides a more attractive prosthetic for the wearer, but it also significantly optimizes the production process. Traditional facial prosthetics are expensive and take a long time to develop and fit. The new process involves a modern 3D approach, as explained by Challies:

We collected our participants facial morphology and implant configuration using the Artec Spider 3d-Scanner. We then used the scan data to model prototypes that conform to the morphology of our participant. Using Rhino 5 and parametric plug-in Grasshopper, we can constantly tweak our models in simple ways to accommodate subtle facial movements.

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