Linear Mold & Engineering Add Two New Metal AM Systems
Staff posted on August 29, 2014 |
Linear Mold & Engineering expands their metal AM printing capabilities adding two new systems fo...

Linear Mold & Engineering, a full-service mold design, engineering and manufacturing company incorporating both traditional mold manufacturing and 3D metal printing of end-use parts and mold components, announces the addition of two 3D metal printing systems. This addition enhances Linear's position as a total solutions provider.

As part of the expansion Linear announced in June, the company has just installed its third EOS M280 direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system from EOS GmbH, and a dual laser SLM280 from SLM Solutions. The company now operates a total of four EOS M270 3D metal printing systems, a total of three EOS M280 3D metal printing systems, and two SLM 280 systems.

Demand for 3D printed metal parts has increased exponentially as materials and technology have evolved to provide opportunities for a wider range of applications that include aerospace and automotive components, electronic parts, and conformal cooling lines for injection molds to reduce cycle times, improve plastic part quality and lower costs to manufacture.

Recent reports from industry experts reveal that strong growth in the 3D printing industry will be the result of expanded use of the technology - particularly 3D metal printing - for the production of end-use parts. Wohlers Associates, a consulting firm that tracks the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry globally, commented recently, “The industry is transitioning from a prototyping past to a production future.”

Since 2005, Linear Mold & Engineering has been on the leading edge of that transition, creating a forward-thinking manufacturing model that incorporates the latest, state-of-the-art machinery and systems in both additive and subtractive (machining) manufacturing. The company's expertise and capability to meet its customers' wide-ranging requirements for high-productivity injection molds, 3D metal printed parts solutions, R&D, and training has made Linear the leading solutions provider to the automotive, medical and aerospace industries, among others.

Source: Linear Mold & Engineering

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