JewelDistrict’s Focused Approach
Fabbaloo posted on July 10, 2014 |

jewelry, metal, matte, fabbalooWe’re checking out a Korea-based 3D print service that’s a little different. JewelDistrict is entirely focused on producing jewelry. 

Their operations continue a trend we’re beginning to see: 3D print services focused on a particular market niche. In this case, JewelDistrict accepts 3D models and prints them, like any other 3D print service, but they’ve set up operations specifically to attract jewelry designers. 

Technically, they use the lost-wax process to produce the jewelry. They’ll 3D print your jewelry model in wax, then use that to form a mold for pouring liquid precious metal. That can be done by many 3D print services, but JewelryDistrict adds quite a few finishing services that are very appropriate for producing jewelry. 

For example, they can produce models in brass or sterling silver. Surface finishing options include raw, polished, highly polished, satin, stone, circle matt, mixed brush, fully oxidizing or partial oxidizing. 

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