Orange Maker Develops New 3D Printing Process
Fabbaloo posted on July 03, 2014 |

Startup Orange Maker of California issued a release claiming they’ve invented an entirely new 3D printing process, Heliolithography, which is different from every existing 3D process. 

There are few details of the process, but the company says Heliolithography will provide significant benefits: 

Orange Maker’s proprietary Heliolithography (HL) printing process displays significant improvements versus conventional Stereolithography (SL), the standard of professional-grade 3D Printers on the market today-- by offering greater theoretical limits on printing speed, options for a superior variety of compatible printing materials, smoother surface finishes, and a level of detail not achievable in current desktop printers.

Heliolithography will first make its initial appearance in Orange Maker’s upcoming Helios One 3D printer, pictured above. It’s expected to arrive in 2015, so not soon. There are no publicly available specifications for the machine yet, as we suspect they’re still tuning it to provide the best possible results. 

While the Heliolithography process is applicable in both industrial and personal settings, Orange Maker’s first 3D printer is focused on the prosumer market. No pricing for the machine has been released either, but we’re expecting pricing in the USD$3,000 to USD$5,000 range, based on the stated capabilities. 

But what exactly is “Heliolithography”?

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