MadeSolid Debuts Resin For Casting Jewelry
Staff posted on June 25, 2014 |
This week MadeSolid has debuted a new resin designed specifically for casting jewelry. 

This new 3D printable material is the first consumer-grade resin formulated specifically for casting metal parts. Not being tethered to a single printer, FireCast Resin is compatible with a variety of SLA/DLP machines, including Form1B9 Creator, and Deep Imager 5.

FireCast Resin is special in that it leaves no ash when it burns out during the heating phase of investment casting. The MadeSolid team created this formula after seeing a neglected area of the 3D printing industry. Until FireCast Resin, no casting specific resins have been made for consumer printers, such as the Form1. Pairing FireCast Resin with the influx of lower-priced SLA printers opens the door for casters of jewelry and metal parts to affordably access this technology.

MadeSolid has worked with a variety of experienced casters and beta testers across the country to help develop the resin. Sourcing local talent, the team has worked closely with Mind-2-Matter, an experienced casting group in San Leandro, to ensure the formulation met standard casting requirements.

Although the resin was made with jewelry products in mind, the team is excited to see what creative applications new users come up with for the FireCast Resin.

Source: MadeSolid

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