3D Printing Jobs Launches
Fabbaloo posted on May 15, 2014 |

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We’re checking out a brand new service that launches today: 3D Printing Jobs. 

It’s a job service much like any other, but it has a difference: it is solely focused on 3D printing and related industries, simplifying the process of seeking a job in the field. Often in other job services it can be tricky to separate the true 3D printing jobs from other industries, but this is not the case in 3D Printing Jobs. They say: 

"Contrary to general job portals, 3d-printing-jobs.com offers and aims at a substantially more specific target group, therefore avoiding divergence losses at low costs and extensive industry expertise."

The service is a new venture by Düsseldorf-based 3DPJ, who also host a German language site dedicated to rapid prototyping.

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