SLM Solutions Set for an IPO?
Kyle Maxey posted on March 17, 2014 |
 Is SLM Solutions preparing for an IPO? If so, could its entry into the market accelerate indus...
3D printing, IPO, invest, metal, laser, germanyGermany’s SLM Solutions has hired Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse to prepare a potential initial public stock offering.

With the hype surrounding 3D printing higher than it’s ever been, SLM could potentially dive into a market with few publicly traded competitors and a glut of shareholders clamoring for entry into the lucrative additive manufacturing market.

Unlike 3D printing giants Stratasys and 3D Systems, SLM Solutions uses a selective laser melting technology to create objects from a metal powder. Because their technology relies on more durable materials, SLM looks to be a player in the automotive, aerospace and durable goods market.

With big companies like GE, Airbus and a number of automakers looking to exploit metal 3D printing in the manufacturing of products, companies that begin establishing proven technologies and a large capital pool will likely become big players in the next generation of manufacturing.

Currently, SLM employs 80 people in both Germany and the US, operating profitably with just over $27.8M in annual sales.  With an injection of capital, the company could potentially expand their business and acquire like-minded firms that specialize in metallurgy and materials development.

If a deep pocketed metal 3D printing firm with proven technology and a drive for materials innovation can emerge, they could drastically accelerate the speed of AM adoption by heavy industry.

Image Courtesy of SLM Solutions

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