Concept Laser Expands Its Research Endeavors
Kyle Maxey posted on January 22, 2014 |
A new DMLS lab looks to push the state of the art and create parts more rapidly.

DMLS, laser, sintering, mettalurgy, aerospace, materials, germanyOver the last few years, Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) has begun to have a significant impact on the 3D printing industry, maturing to the point where it can produce end-use parts. One of the companies driving this change is Concept Laser, whose LaserCUSING AM technique fuses powdered metal to create high-quality components.

As part of this forward-movement, Concept Laser recently opened a new R&D center focused on furthering their DMLS technology. At nearly 2000 ft², the facility will give the company the ability to advance its newest line of machines and create systems with capacities that specifically meet customers’ needs.

Beyond focusing on developing bespoke LaserCUSING systems, Concept Laser is also looking to develop machines that can produce parts more rapidly, introducing a multi-laser technology where 2-4 lasers can work on a job simultaneously. Additionally, the company has plans to upgrade its lasers – switching from its current 400W model to a more powerful 1000W beam.

But creating a fast and accurate DMLS machine is only one part of the metal AM process and Concept Laser has also invested resources into expanding its metallurgy and materials testing laboratory. This should allow Concept Lasers to produce even more customized solutions for their customers, and to readily adapt to industry specific needs.

As DMLS manufacturing’s foothold in the industry continues to grow, look for more companies to follow Concept Laser’s lead by developing new methods to speed up and refine the printing process. Moreover, I expect that many industries beyond aerospace, medicine and automotive will adopt the DMLS technology as it continues to evolve in the coming months and years; painting a bright future for innovative thinkers such as those at Concept Laser.

Images and Video Courtesy of Concept Laser

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