3D Printing Stock Arcam AB (AMAVF) Proposes 4:1 Stock Split. Record Orders Announced.
Gary Anderson posted on December 03, 2013 |
3D Printing Stock Arcam Proposes 4:1 Stock Split, Announces New Record Orders.

Arcam AB (AMAVF) is on a roll with record 3D printer orders for 2013 and a 4:1 stock split vote on Friday.

This morning Arcam announced their 8th order in the last 6 weeks for their commercial grade 3D printers. This  puts orders for their 3D printers at a new record of 25 for this year so far, with 30% of sales going to the high-growth Asian market.

 Arcam AB is a Swedish 3D Printing company (web site) with operations in Europe, the US, and Asia, and operates exclusively in precision 3D printing of high grade metals used in the aerospace and orthopedic/medical industries.  The stock trades on the NASDAQ OMX under the ticker ARCM.ST, (where you will find their official press releases) and in the US as an ADR (American Depository Reciept) under the ticker AMAVF.   General Electric is also an Arcam customer (Bloomberg 11/12/13).

4:1 stock split to be voted on Friday, 12/6/13

Arcam has also given a NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING OF ARCAM AB for this Friday to vote on a 4:1 stock split.

EuroMold 2013 Presence

Arcam is showcasing their new Q10 machine for the orthopedic industry and their A2 Series printers for titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry. As a result the company might add to their current order record for the year.

Arcam AB Financials at a Glance

Arcam AB has reported .81/share in earnings for the trailing twelve months using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for accounting and financial reports. This standard is closer to GAAP reporting in the US than the “headline” non-GAAP numbers reported by other 3D printing companies (most of which are not EPS positive).

CEO Interview

Arcam AB CEO Magnus René participated in an Interview for Engineering.com in August that gives a good overview of the company's markets and patented EBM (Electron Beam Melting) technology.

Disclosure:  I own shares of Arcam AB

Gary Anderson

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