3D Printing Materials worth $600M by 2025
Kyle Maxey posted on October 30, 2013 | 11141 views

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The worldwide market for 3D printing materials will top $600 million by 2025, according to Market Research Reports (MRR).

Their report focuses on perceived anti-competitive practices employed by 3D printer manufacturers. These practices lock users into company-specific material choices. This inevitably blocks 3rd party material manufacturers who could develop more innovative materials.

The practice will likely continue in the near-term. However, 3D printer manufacturers who open their printers to other materials will likely see more printer sales as users look for more material options.

The MMR report also focuses on the prevalence and growth potential for current 3D printing materials. The report explains why photopolymers currently dominate the market, and why metal powders have the highest growth potential over the next dozen years.

However, MRR’s report doesn’t take into account many of the novel 3D printing materials such as composites or biomaterials. If quality composite materials can be manufactured by 3rd party material companies, the hold 3D printer makers have might break, allowing for greater material diversity.  This development would be healthy for 3D printing and could drastically upset MRR’s figures. 

Image Courtesy of Market Research Reports

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