Company Claims Multi Material 3D Printing Breakthrough
Kyle Maxey posted on September 06, 2013 |

Just outside Cambridge, England a new "breakthrough" 3D print head has been developed. Named the Vista 3D’s it's inventors, TTP (The Technology Partnership), claim their new print head can do more than just print in a variety of plastics and rubbers. According to TTP the Vista 3D will have the capability to be loaded with materials like ceramics, metals, enzymes and biological cells making it a seemingly do all-material printing.

According to TTP researcher Dr. David Smith, “No longer will organisations need to bulk buy or wait for items to be restocked, companies can simply print off the products they need, when they need them."

The key to the Vista 3D’s operations lies in the way it deposits its print materials. In studies, TTP has found that their Vista 3D print head can handle both large and small material particulate as well as viscous and volatile fluids.

Because it can accurately extrude materials and fluids that display different motion characteristics, the Vista 3D could prove useful in making complex prints like circuit boards in a single print run.  TTP researchers are also enthusiastic about the print heads ability to create medical grade materials, “From a medical perspective, the opportunities are endless from printing out a diagnostic test to ultimately printing off an organ that can be used in the human body." said Dr Smith.  While that sounds like a bit of a stretch, we are curious to see the actual production capabilities of the new print head.

TTP has not announced when its Vista 3D print heads will be available, nor what machines will be capable of using the new tool.  As soon as we find out we’ll be sure to let you know.

Images Courtesy of TTP

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