Zeus, the “All-In-One 3D Copy Machine”
Kyle Maxey posted on September 05, 2013 | 9432 views

A Kickstarter campaign is aiming to bring back the copy machine. But this time around duplicates won’t be made out of paper, they’ll be 3D.

Named ZEUS, AIO Robotics’ self-described “All-In-One 3D copy machine” will give its owners the ability to 3D scan, 3D print, copy and fax any object with a touch of a button.

Over the course of the last 5 years engineers at AIO Robotics have been developing the ZEUS.  The company’s demo video shows that they’ve created a remarkable machine. Based around a simple touchscreen interface, ZEUS can be ordered to scan, print, copy or fax any object that can fit within its 26cm x 18cm x 15cm build volume.  

Although ZEUS’s Scan, Print and Copy (one touch scan and print) modes are pretty straight forward, I was left wondering what a 3D fax was. Well, according to AIO, 3D faxing is a way to share your 3D models with another 3D printer over a secure network. Once an object is faxed to a remote printer, the model can be reproduced in that location.

While most companies produce separate, stand-alone 3D printers and scanners, having both features built into the same platform could be a game changer for people who see 3D printing as way to replace, copy or modify things they frequently use.  

While the ZEUS’s print resolution leaves something to be desired (its highest resolution is 100 microns), the machine’s all in one packaging will make it useful to a lot of people who don’t need high print quality. I think the ZEUS is well positioned as a  tool that can entice more people to learn about, and interact with, 3D printers.

In the future, as they hone their printer’s resolution and expand their build volume, AIO Robotics could find themselves creating some of the most easily adoptable 3D printing technologies on the market.

Images Courtesy of AIO Robotics


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