The World’s Most Accurate Watch
Kyle Maxey posted on August 27, 2013 |
Luxury watchmaker Hoptroff embraces 3D printing

The world of watchmaking has always been one that’s defined by precision.  Now British watchmaker Hoptroff claims to have created the world’s most precise watch – The Hoptroff No. 10.

At the heart of Hoptroff’s claim lies a chip, the Quantum SA.45s.  Originally designed to guide cruise missiles and UAVs through areas loaded with GPS and radio jammers, Hoptroff is now employing it for civilian means.

Although the No. 10’s atomic clock isn’t likely to see that kind of hair-raising action, the precisely honed abilities remain. According to Hoptroff, the atomic clock mechanism that drives its newest watch is so accurate it will only lose one and a half seconds every thousand years.

While it’s atomic movement is certainly a futuristic upgrade from the usual mechanics of a watch, the innovations don’t stop there. Hoptroff uses 3D Printing to make the gold housing for the No. 10.

Printed using a DMLS process, Hoptroff will encase each of its No. 10s in an 18 karat gold housing. Since the company has used DMLS to create cases for previous watches, Hoptroff knows a thing or two about the 3D printing process. When asked to compare how he viewed 3D printing versus traditional manufacturing techniques Richard Hoptroff said, “Milling generates a simple part with cold, Germanic precision. The sintered version feels like it's been grown and nurtured - which in truth it has - each with an individual life of its own."

At the moment the No. 10 is still undergoing some last minute tweaks and revisions, but it’s expected that the watch will be available soon. Hoptroff has plans to produce a dozen No. 10s each of which will retail for £50,000 ($77,850).

Images Courtesy of Hoptroff

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