Who Won the Free Mojo 3D Printer?
Kyle Maxey posted on August 15, 2013 |
Veteran aerospace designer takes home the Stratasys MOJO 3D Printer

Stratasys, MOJO, aerospace, Washington, Iphone, 3d printing, design, engineeringEarlier this year we gave away a Stratasys Mojo Printer. As you can imagine everyone here at the office is pretty jealous of our winner, Jay Hoover. 

This week we spoke with him to see what he’s been doing with his new machine.

At his aerospace job in Washington State, Jay helps run the CAD and 3D printing operation, so he is already pretty familiar with 3D printing. His company produces custom aerospace components so they use state-of-the-art manufacturing and tooling techniques to create their composite designs. That led the company to buy their first 3D printer earlier this year.  

Now that he’s had a bit of time to play with his new toy, we asked what he’s been doing with his MOJO. Jay said that he’s already printed an Iphone case from a design that he found online, and a few other test objects.

Stratasys, MOJO, aerospace, Washington, Iphone, 3d printing, design, engineeringWhen we asked Jay what he liked about his MOJO he said he was impressed with the quality of the prints. At work his company uses a $200K machine, but according to Jay you could hardly tell the difference when comparing prints from both machines.

But what impressed Jay most about his MOJO was how easy it was to use. The process for setting up his printer took around 30 minutes (and that’s with software installation).

What’s more, Jay said the simple process for changing used print packs was a relief. At work it can take up to 45 minutes to replace material and tips, but the MOJO printer made swapping a spent print pack as easy as changing an inkjet cartridge. James believes anyone could use a MOJO, “Really, it just takes a few more steps that printing a piece of paper”.

And that’s pretty incredible. Imagine printing prototypes or tooling with the same effort it takes to print a document. That’s why I love 3D printing.

Images Courtesy of Jay Hoover

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