Reinventing the Extruder- The Dual and the Quad
Kyle Maxey posted on August 12, 2013 |
Campaign goal is to increase 3D printer productivity by increasing extruder count. 
extruder, kickstarter, DIY, mod, 3D printer, filament, A Minnesota based company thinks your 3D printer could be more efficient. Named DGlass (D3D), the company founded by brothers Carl and Brian Douglass, has created an industrial grade extruder for the consumer 3D printer market.

In traditional extruders a single line of filament is fed into the print head where the material is melted and used for building a model. In D3D’s Dual and Quad extruders, two and four lines of filament can, ostensibly, be fed into multiple print heads giving your printer the ability to (mini)mass-produce parts.

With years of experience in both the plastics and electro-mechanical industries, Brian and Carl have decided to crowd-fund their project to cover further research and development and the early rounds of production. Although the company is seeking public support, the brothers have filed for a patent.  They add, “we remain committed to pushing forward with an open, collaborative culture".

While the D3D’s extruders are pretty cool, the growing number of DIY peripherals and crowded-funded 3D printer upgrades are making this industry sing, and investors are starting to notice.  In the coming years it wouldn’t surprise me if the capabilities of a consumer grade 3D printer caught up with the current expensive pro-grade models.

Currently, the Dual and Quad extruders are emerging from the last stages of development. While the group hasn’t yet posted a video of the system working they’ve promised that one will be available early this week. Once it’s available we’ll be sure to let you know. For now take a look at D3D’s pitch:

Image and Video Courtesy of D3D

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