Goldman Sachs: 3D Printing Represents “Creative Destruction”
Kyle Maxey posted on August 09, 2013 |
A new report 3D printing is classified as a revolutionary new sector

In a new report publish by Goldman Sachs 3D printing was among 8 industries highlighted for their disruptive capabilities. Titled “"The Search for Creative Destruction", analyst Robert Boroujerdi sums up his finding by saying “"Indeed, these stories through product or business innovation are poised to transform addressable markets or open up entirely new ones, offering growth insulated from the broader macro environment and creating value for their stakeholders, in our view."

When drilling down to the core of why 3D printing can be so disruptive, Goldman believes the technology’s ability to provide customization, reduce overall production costs, and create short run product lines is key.

Currently, the 3D printing industry is a $2.2 billion market, and Goldman believes the industry will grow to $10.8 billion by 2021.  

Images Courtesy of Goldman Sachs

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